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Are you an EarthGirl?

We want to feature EarthGirlz from around the globe on our site. Why? Because their love and passion for the planet are worth celebrating.

EarthGirlz Requirements:
* An EarthGirl is naturally beautiful (inside and out).
* An EarthGirl believes in and represents earth-conscious living.
* An EarthGirl is active in a social cause or community project OR runs or works for a green, eco-friendly, organic or alternative health related business.
* An EarthGirl may not be 100 % solar powered, but makes an effort to conserve.
* An EarthGirl strives for peace, love and recycling.
* An EarthGirl loves Mother Earth and isn’t ashamed to say, “I love Mother Earth!”
* An EarthGirl is healthy and happy.

If this is you, CONGRATULATIONS you are an EarthGirl! Please follow the next three steps:

1) Submit a minimum of ten (and up to 20) pictures of yourself via email to: i n f o [at] d a g a g o g r e e n . c o m (remove spaces when sending the email) – Image specs: 72 dpi, 650 px wide or tall

* Your pictures should be feature quality, should display your natural beauty (natural, not naked) and, of course, be sexy and playful. We want happy, sexy, and natural.

2) Copy and paste the EarthGirlz questionnaire to the body of your email and answer the questions, of course.
* Try and keep your responses brief (about a paragraph) and fun. We want readers to enjoy learning about you.

EarthGirlz Quesionnaire for EarthGirl (enter your name or nickname here)

1. What should we call you? (This is the EarthGirl name we will use for you — same as you entered above)

2. What makes you an EarthGirl?

3. When did you become aware and fall in love with our planet and what did you do next?

4. What do you think is a simple change anyone can make to be more green?

5. What earth-friendly product do you use or wear regularly?

6. Picture this, you’re trapped on an island, with a tree that only grows one product. What is it? (Can be anything)

7. What are your daily earth-friendly actions?

8. Are you working on anything that we should know about that’s positively impacting our planet and its people?

9. Make a wish! (Something. Anything.)

10. Do EarthGirlz really have more fun?

11. What kooky or interesting fun-facts should our viewers know about you?

* Please make sure you include any links to your websites, business, and if you are working on a social cause and want to include your paypal button for donations, please include your paypal email address (or paypal donation link code, if you have it). We would love to include it with your profile.

3) Once we receive your submission, we will contact you for the final step (a release).

So, again…here’s what you’re going to do:

  • Attachyour set of pictures (10-15) to one or several emails
  • Copy EarthGirlz Questionnaire to email
  • Answer the questions (be free, be yourself)
  • Send to: i n f o [at] e a r t h g i r l z . o r g (make sure to remove spaces when sending your email)

Looking forward to meeting all of you EarthGirlz out there!

Oh, yeah…I love Mother Earth!

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