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EarthGirl Daniela: Vegan Is “Mi Vida”

22 July 2012 No Comment

What makes you an EarthGirl?
I was born and raised in the countryside of a small town in Argentina. I grew up playing in the outdoors, climbing trees, collecting wild fruits, running through huge fields of yellow wheatgrass, picking up watercress by the streams and venturing any direction away from home.

In my late teens, right after moving out from home, I made the choice to quit eating meat. It wasn’t easy; there wasn’t much information on vegetarianism available at the time (especially in Argentina, the land of beef). But lucky for me, my first boss was a very well informed vegan hippie tree lover. She inspired me and taught me the way to live a true, green lifestyle. From there it was all about continuing to learn and move.

A couple of decades later, I opened my very own 100% vegan and organic restaurant in Miami with the hope of bringing health consciousness to a lovely community that’s very much ready for a change.

Please tell our readers what you’re working on that’s positively impacting our planet and its people.
My project is ongoing. A lot has changed since I opened my restaurant last year, and I will continue to incorporate positive changes as I see fit. For example, I use special promotions to encourage people to bring their own containers, cups and bottles to reduce the use of disposable packaging.
I’m also expanding my store in order to provide everything a vegan needs. I believe that by offering a larger amount of vegan options, more people will be willing to lead a greener, healthier lifestyle.

What’s inspired you to do the amazing things that you do?
My nieces and nephews. Whenever I think about their future, it inspires me to do my best so that they, and all the children in the world, inherit what they deserve: A cleaner Mother Earth.

What environmental cause would you like to promote with your image?
I think as a vegan myself, I would like to continue promoting a healthier, vegan, organic kind of lifestyle.

When did you become aware of how magnificent our planet is, and the power of human action with Her?
I’ve always had a very natural connection with animals, and I think that was the beginning of it. Becoming a vegetarian and adopting a vegan philosophy, thus transforming my life all around, is what has given me the bigger awareness I needed. I believe non-violent eating will become the basis of a future non-violent society.

Do you have any earth-friendly rituals you’d like to share with us?
I’m happy to ride my bicycle, or simply walk, to avoid driving my car as much as I can. I always keep a green attitude towards consumption, and if I can make it, I’ll make it. If not, I will choose locally produced or manufactured things first.

What obstacles do you encounter and how do you break through them?
“Obstacles” are always a good way to challenge myself. I always try to stay positive and find ways to get through anything that might seem complicated or impossible.

What do you think is an important change that consumers and corporations should make TODAY for a better world tomorrow?
Recycling, recycling, recycling! As a restaurant owner there are so many ways that I think we could help on this matter but unfortunately we have so many old regulations that do not promote this cause.
We should work as a whole, find ways to connect with each other so that someone’s waste can be someone else’s fuel and so on. Everything starts with knowledge, so individuals informing themselves today will definitely make a better tomorrow.

What organic, eco-friendly product do you use or wear?
I’ve been using 100% Pure, and I truly love this line.

What one thing has someone said about you that has made you feel proud and accomplished?
Whenever a customer tells me that they’ve incorporating a greener and healthier lifestyle because of me, I think “Mission accomplished!”

Can you share a little something more with our EarthGirlz readers?
I truly enjoy my moments alone to meditate and recognize what I can do to be a better human being.

You’re trapped on an island with a tree that only grows one thing. What is it?

Do EarthGirlz really have more fun?
Always! Have you seen the EarthGirlz website?

Okay, make your Earthgirlz wish?
I have a few… First of all, I’d like all humans to learn to respect each other, so that we can live in a more peaceful world.
Second, I’d like humans to respect all animals, so that animal abuse ends. Third, I’d like all humans to respect the planet. We can all help minimize the factors that are harming our planet by making these three wishes come true.

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