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EarthGirl Emily: Consciously Rendering Earth-Wonderful Design

27 January 2012 No Comment

What makes you an EarthGirl?
Almost everything I do is motivated by a strong desire to be an advocate for a healthier existence.
I’m driven to create beautiful things and I believe I make a difference in the balance of our eco-system, so I founded two businesses that are eco-friendly – Piaz Jewelry & The Atelier E.
I drive a scooter and ride my bicycle because I want to reduce the amount of ozone-killing pollutants in our environment. I use body products that don’t promote use of petroleum-based ingredients, and I avoid products that use harsh chemicals that pollute our bodies and water systems.

Please tell our readers what you’re working on that’s positively impacting our planet and its people.
I create clothing and jewelry through my eco-friendly companies, Piaz Jewelry and The Atelier E. Every piece of jewelry for Piaz is created using precious sheet metals that have been re-claimed and refined at 99% eco-friendly production standards. The clothing I design for The Atelier E – which I run with my business partner and fellow EarthGirl, Jacqueline Soir – is produced using organic and sustainably produced fabrics. Both companies are operated on what’s called a Pull-type Lean Manufacturing model. This means I produce based on actual demand. By producing according to orders, I reduce waste in every corner of my businesses.

(Learn more about The Atelier E line by watching this video.)

What’s inspired you to do the amazing things that you do?
I was lucky to grow up amongst a whole community of people who were activists. Nearly everyone around me was passionate about preserving the earth and improving the state of our social structure. I continue to attract and surround myself with people who fight the good fight for clean water, renewable and safe energy sources, civil liberties, quality public education, smarter and greener city planning, healthier societies (physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually), and more responsible government.

What environmental cause would you like to promote with your image?
I want to promote sustainable living. In its current state, our society is self-destructive. Luckily, there are lots of ways to reduce our harmful footprint on the eco-system. The eco-system is not some far-off concept that belongs only to the wilderness. The eco-system is us and our cities and our society and the way we choose to live. I want everyone to see my example, and the example of other Earthgirlz, and make positive changes.

One of the biggest and most broken industries is the clothing industry. Most textiles use massive amounts of polluting chemicals and energy. Tons of clothes and accessories use petroleum-derived fibers like polyester, nylon, and PVC. The conventional natural fibers like cotton require tons of pesticides that have been proven to upset genetic balance and produce birth physical and mental defects in wildlife and humans. At the factory, these natural fibers require tons of water and chemicals to make the resulting cloth soft and colorful.

None of this pollution is necessary to make our clothes and accessories the way we like them. That’s why I choose to use organic, sustainably produced materials to make my products.

When did you become aware of how magnificent our planet is, and the power of human action with Her?
I find putting even a quarter of a life-time into this answer overwhelming. Because you see, the earth and our relationship to Her has punctuated and built my life in so many ways that it’s difficult to point out a few examples. I’ve only experienced 29 years on this earth and there are too many instances and all of them have been equally important. Suffice it to say that I’ve been inspired by people with passion for reclaiming the delicate balance between and among ourselves and the earth, as well as by scenes – both beautiful and grimy – that motivate me to wake up every day and do something progressive.

Do you have any earth-friendly rituals you’d like to share with us?
I un-plug electronics all day long! If I’m not using it, I flip the switch and pull the plug.

What organic, eco-friendly product do you use or wear?
I use organic shea butter and EarthGirlz Organic Skincare Oil. I also use EarthGirlz Volcanic Clay to detox my skin (which I have on in these pictures) & their Essential Oils, of course! Their aromas instantly lift my mood and my headaches.

(*Note: We haven’t added all of the EarthGirlz Essential Oil Synergies that Emily uses and loves to our EarthGirlz Store, but we will have them up in the next few weeks.)

What change would you like to make, that would help our planet in some way, that you haven’t made already?
I want to reduce my use of new petroleum-based products like gasoline and plastics to zero.

What do you think is an important change that consumers and corporations should make TODAY for a better world tomorrow?
Our purchasing habits are the loudest & strongest voice we have. Vote accordingly. For the most part, Corporations make decisions based on the bottom line, we each hold the power to influence Corporations to produce sustainably.

What one thing has someone said about you that has made you feel proud and accomplished?
I ran into my childhood vocal teacher a couple of years ago and she showed me the poem I wrote for her when I left for college. After ten years she was still carrying it in her folder. She told me she always knew I was destined for an amazing life.

What obstacles do you encounter and how do you break through them?
I prefer not to see obstacles. Instead I see opportunities. I used to let unfounded worries and fears paralyze me in a lot of ways. I’m so blessed to have a group of friends who helped me see that those were figments of my imagination. As my perspective on ‘how life is going’ changed, so did my actual experiences. Seeing and being Positivity encouraged peace and abundance to enter my existence.

Do EarthGirlz really have more fun?
No doubt! EarthGirlz have a vibe that’s out o’ this world.

Can you share a little something more with our EarthGirlz readers?
The only thing you can ever truly own is your choice.

You’re trapped on an island with a tree that only grows one thing. What is it?
My tree has black & white bark and grows leaves in every color, so that I can wake up every day and make the things in my imagination come to life.

Okay, make your Earthgirlz wish?
I wish to live and let live.

If you have any questions or to purchase any of Emily’s clothing or jewelry, please visit TheAtelierE.com or PiazJewelry.com.

We are posting additional photos of Emily’s EarthGirlz shoot on our Facebook page, and another video with more of her work. So add us on Facebook and get the latest EarthGirlz news and event information.

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