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EarthGirl Jocelyn: Hip Hooping for Healing

29 May 2012 No Comment

What makes you an EarthGirl?
I’m a humanitarian and I’m committed to helping human beings liberate themselves from the limitations of their TraumaDrama (those stories we tell ourselves about why we continue to suffer). I believe that we are here to support each other, to love our planet and our lives, and to contribute our unique art and beauty to the world. My contribution to this belief is through dance, conscious movement and fun as pathways for transformation.

As a facilitator of transformation, my practice and purpose is to support a deepened relationship with the wisdom of the physical Body, the guidance of the Heart and the will of Spirit. My offerings Bhakti Boogie® & HoopYogini are inspired by my life long dance sadhana (spiritual practice), meditation and interest in tantric principles of existence: inner and outer, as above so below, Heaven on Earth?

Please tell our readers what you’re working on that’s positively impacting our planet and its people.
I’m really excited about my HoopYogini DVD, online classes and teacher training program! HoopYogini is a holistic fitness practice that combines hula hooping with massage, yoga, dance and meditation.  Imagine using the hoop as a tool to stretch and strengthen the body (somewhat like a yoga strap), massage your core, as well as, develop grace and expand the ability to live your dreams.

Everything in nature spins – our cells, cycles, solar system and universe – hooping and HoopYogini returns the practitioner to their nature, purity and purpose. Simply put, the practice amplifies joy, and more beings dancing (living) in Joy is what the planet needs.

(In this video, valuable lifestyle recommendations from EarthGirl Jocelyn!)

It is especially rewarding to share HoopYogini with women and with women and children who are recovering from sexual violence. The hoop provides a safe space through the boundary of the hoop for an inner and outer expression of sensuality. Hooping releases endorphins and serotonin (joy chemicals!) and contributes to the healing of trauma.

What’s inspired you to do the amazing things that you do?
My maternal grandmother has inspired me to be a maverick. She was an amazing woman who embraced many opportunities for herself, family and community. She was ahead of her time, and in her early thirties, owned a fitness facility in the Bronx. This is rather exceptional for an African American woman of the depression era. She later went on to receive a degree in Mathematics and was an engineer for the government in World War II.  She and my grandfather created and commanded a beautiful home and lifestyle for their daughters. And thus, I am a beneficiary of their trailblazing ways.

My grandmother (Mum Mum) also introduced me to the healing arts through her Reflexologist, Bernice. For years, starting at the age of five, I would watch Bernice extend loving touch and skill to Mum Mum’s feet. I would then emulate her and eventually became the family Massage Therapist.

When my grandmother passed, I had a brief moment of guilt where I reflected on the times when I was sassy with her.  But what followed, was the remembrance of all those moments at her feet, massaging her and listening to her stories and wisdom.  I am so grateful for the space that we shared and for the relationship that is still in motion. She is cheering me on from the other side!

What environmental cause would you like to promote with your image?
The physical human body and Earth body are one. I’m inspired to support children and women who have experienced sexual abuse and violence to learn how to trust and to be comfortable in their bodies, to regain their self-esteem, and to give voice and space to their dreams.

When did you become aware of how magnificent our planet is, and the power of human action with Her?
As a kid I used to pray (read “plead”) to the Universe to give me my mission so I could fulfill it and move on from “this place” and “these people” (Earth, and my family), and thus return to my “real family”. I felt odd, out of place and didn’t feel I belonged “here”. I practiced astral projection (yes, from about ages 5 – 10, I was intrigued by this subject) and was quite fascinated with information and books on the spirit world. I would daydream a lot and my mom would often say to me “Look alive!”

That said, I’ve always been a dancer ~ dancing around the kitchen, in my room, up and down the street…. There’s no exact moment when I realized that Earth is where “IT’S” at, however, moving my body, and communicating with Spirit through my body, informed me that this body, this planet, my family, friends, home and mission are exactly where I belong and where personal reverence needs to be extended. You can learn more about my healing arts journey here.

How we show up on the “dance floor” is how we show up in our lives and relationships. Through the dance floor of our lives, I coach women into spaces of authentic movement, truth and joy.  Sometimes hatha yoga asanas support this process. Asana means “earth seat” and every posture or movement we explore is an opportunity to investigate and refine our walk (dance) on this planet.

Do you have any earth-friendly rituals you’d like to share with us?
• Daily meditation.
• My meal choices are primarily vegetarian and “clean” (organic or wild).
• I bring my own canteens and beverage bottles to cafes.
• Considering where “trash” actually goes. Most of the time it just gets out of our face and really doesn’t go anywhere. How can we minimize waste?
• My current home in the US is Big Sur, CA. This is one of the greatest blessings in my life. I try to spend some time outside each day sitting, dancing and or relating to my daughter and community. The beauty of this part of the country is magnificent!

What organic, eco-friendly product do you use or wear?
Shea Butter!!! It moisturizes the skin, smooths the hair, polishes the pretty and has some sun protective qualities.

What change would you like to make, that would help our planet in some way, that you haven’t made already?
I would like to reduce and or balance my carbon footprint. I fly several times a year across the country and to Asia. I know that air travel is a large source of greenhouse gas emissions. I’m curious about programs such as TerraPass that help to balance our carbon footprints by investing in wind and other green technologies.

That said, while here in Big Sur, I tend to stay on the mountain. I go into town about once a week and life here is pretty chill. My housemate has a beautiful garden, she composts and is investing permaculture principles into the household and property. I am learning so much from this amazing mountain mama!

What do you think is an important change that consumers and corporations should make TODAY for a better world tomorrow?
I would like to see a greater emphasis on reducing waste through packaging that can easily be repurposed, recycled and refilled.

What one thing has someone said about you that has made you feel proud and accomplished?
“I love you Mama.” Hearing this as an unsolicited expression of affection from my eleven year old daughter, is the most rewarding endearment.

What obstacles do you encounter and how do you break through them?
Because I come from a family of mavericks, the energy of progress runs deep through my DNA and psyche. I am learning the true value of relaxation and letting go. Recently, I decided to navigate life on the Easy Path, that’s the path of least resistance. It’s the path of flow and trust. It’s the path of alignment with Divine Will.

Daily meditation helps me see the tension in my mind and through the breath, let go. ThetaHealing is also GREATLY supporting my journey on the Easy Path. Everyday I go into Theta to clear my energetic space, and to experience the Creator’s definition (this is very different from my intellectual interpretation) of Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love and Radical Forgiveness are essentials for flow on the Easy Path. I practice extending these gifts of grace to myself and shining them out to my community. (It’s a pleasant and rewarding challenge).

ThetaHealing also highlights (and can remove!) defeating and erroneous beliefs and replaces them with Truth affirmation.  I receive ThetaHealing sessions from my teacher and peers and it’s such a joy to facilitate them! You can learn more about my ThetaHealing sessions at http://jocelyngordon.com/loves/theta-healing and about the creator of ThetaHealing, Vianna Stibal, here.

Can you share a little something more with our EarthGirlz readers?
I love to sing!!! In the near future, I will invest time to cover a few “moody, white boy songs” (think The Cure & Morrissey).

Also, I currently live in a house made of recycled wine barrels. There is a view of the Pacific Ocean from my room.  Everyday I’m learning more about sustainable living. Everyday we eat a rainbow ~ purple cabbage, green kale, yellow curry ~ and give thanks for this precious life and Earth.

You’re trapped on an island with a tree that only grows one thing. What is it?
A coconut tree…for hydration, nourishment, something to chew, something to drink….

Do EarthGirlz really have more fun?
If they’re present to the moment, they do! There’s so much beauty in this life, in your dreams, in your purpose. Dive in, be present and be you to the fullest (beautiful!)! When you do, you co-create Heaven on Earth!

Okay, make your Earthgirlz wish?
My wish is to co-create with other Beings the reality of Heaven on Earth! Where we all have what we need (in the highest and best ways!) before and when we need it ~ clean food and water, clean energy resources (especially for travel and consumer technology), beautiful home structures that are harmonious with nature’s design…

My personal wish is to be fully liberated from “the” TraumaDrama and to help thousands in their own liberation. I wish to be at ease and in flow with life, to be optimally healthy and to relate fabulously and sweetly with my daughter, mother and all my relations.

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