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EarthGirl Julie: A New Model For Earth’s Health

16 March 2012 No Comment

What makes you an EarthGirl?
I LOVE MOTHER EARTH! And I am conscious of how my choices affect her and all of her children. Shouldn’t we all be EarthGirlz… and Boyz?

Please tell our readers what you’re working on that’s positively impacting our planet and its people.
My new company In Model Health (www.inmodelhealth.com), provides support to those in the modeling business so that they can live healthier and more authentic lives. My clients face many health pressures and challenges, from body image pressures, to extremely hectic travel schedules, that all affect both body and spirit. In Model Health covers the full spectrum of well-being, including nutrition, emotion, physique, psyche and finance.

What’s inspired you to do the amazing things that you do?
My life has been filled with amazing and inspiring people, and I’ve always had my parents deepest support; they really believe in me! I’ve been truly blessed with a wonderful career in modeling which has taken me through many lands with rich dietary cultures, leading me to my passion for nutrition. That said, modeling is also a tough industry. I’ve seen many young women struggle with diet and self image. There is an easier way, and I’ve established In Model Health to share it.
I aim to continue the mission of my holistic mentor, Joshua Rosenthal, founder of Institute for Integrative Nutrition, “to play a crucial role in improving health and happiness, and through that process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world.”

What environmental cause would you like to promote with your image?
I’m passionate that people should be able to access clean, local, organic food. I’m a strong believer in mandatory food labeling, and I believe that at the very least GMOs should be labeled by law. There hasn’t been enough research indicating that GMOs are safe in the long term, and I prefer not to be part of big agro’s profit-driven science experiments.

When did you become aware of how magnificent our planet is, and the power of human action with Her?
If you spend enough time in nature it’s hard to escape its magnificence. Growing up, I spent a lot of time outdoors camping, hiking and skiing, and really began to appreciate how truly amazing the natural world is. You should try it!

Do you have any earth-friendly rituals you’d like to share with us?
I participate in my community garden, do my best to eat locally both at home and while traveling, try to choose the most nutritious, natural foods that I can find, and when insects come to dinner I carefully seat them outside.

What organic, eco-friendly product do you use or wear?
Models are exposed to many toxic products on a daily basis, so I make the extra effort in my personal life to use products free from harmful chemicals. I look for products that are good for my skin, eco-friendly and kind to our animal friends.
My makeup favorites are Tart and Josie Moran, and for my skin I often use organic coconut oil, but I also love Dr. Hauschka, Dr. Alkaitis, Tata Harper, and of course Earthgirlz (delicious) Organic Skincare Oil.
Keep this great list handy of the top 10 chemicals to avoid in cosmetics.

What other ways would you like to see our culture change to help our planet?
I’m an advocate for clean healthy food for all. I grow some of my own food and I’m a member of an organic buying club, but I realize that not everybody can be… yet. Sadly many people have to rely on the closest gas station or convenience store for groceries. I know how powerful it is to be able to eat fresh, chemical-free food, and I believe it’s very important for EVERYONE to have access to something more than preserved foods.
Oran B. Hesterman, author of Fair Food, lectured at a recent book fair I attended and quoted a statistic that I found astonishing. He said that if the U.S. continues its current eating trends, our national healthcare system would be spending $348 billion to treat obesity alone. Our economy can’t sustain that and our society can’t live that way. Hesterman believes that providing clean and healthy food is the economic and healthy solution for all. I agree!

What do you think is an important change that consumers and corporations should make TODAY for a better world tomorrow?
Vote with your dollars and make holistic choices. We should start viewing things from the perspective of a regenerative economy. One that accounts for the true life-cycle of a product and the total cost of doing business. As consumers we have a choice to support companies that acknowledge the fiscal benefits of caring for the earth and its people. A healthy bottom line and a healthy biosphere are not mutually exclusive. We can deplete, sustain or regenerate. Ask yourself, which do you prefer?

What one thing has someone said about you that has made you feel proud and accomplished?
I feel proud and accomplished every time someone tells me that a health tip that I gave to them has made a positive change in his or her life.

What obstacles do you encounter and how do you break through them?
I realize that when I feel stuck, there is always another way to look at the situation. What are the beliefs that are limiting me? What am I thinking or doing out of fear? I try to never make decisions based on fear.

Do EarthGirlz really have more fun?
Of course we do, we do it in the dirt!

Can you share a little something more with our EarthGirlz readers?
I love to experiment in the kitchen and I enjoy making my own kombucha. It’s my secret to a flat tummy.

You’re trapped on an island with a tree that only grows one thing. What is it?
That’s easy–coconuts! It’s such a perfect food.

Okay, make your Earthgirlz wish?
I wish that every person becomes more connected with their food and health, their body and mind, and the power the universe has to heal us all.

Julie’s website In Model Health is not only for those in the modeling industry, but for the rest of us too. Visit her site InModelHealth.com for more info.

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