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Be Free, Like Me: EarthGirl Lucy

20 April 2012 No Comment

Lucy, what makes you an EarthGirl?
I was born a wild child, always running free, climbing trees, insisting on sleeping outside under the stars. I have spent much time living outdoors, hitchhiking through many countries, experiencing the hospitality of people living on the land. I have always had a huge connection to animals.

When did you become aware of how magnificent our planet is, and the power of human action with Her?
I became aware of how magnificent our planet is at a very early age. I was always a nature girl and always had a strong connection with animals. I was only 6 years old when I told my parents I was becoming a vegetarian because I realized that meat came from animals and I didn’t want to eat my friends. I am now a vegan and feel great. I can’t stand the cruelty of factory farming.

(Listen to what inspires Lucy by watching this video)

What organic, eco-friendly product do you use or wear?
I am sponsored by Livity Outernational Clothing and they send me great organic hemp clothes, and I only use organic cruelty-free beauty and hair products.

What do you think is an important change that consumers and corporations should make TODAY for a better world tomorrow?
People should become more aware of where the food and products they use come from – for instance, large-scale deforestation because of logging, mining, cattle farming, and palm oil. If we could all be more aware and recycle our paper and plastics and shop and eat consciously this would stop the need for large-scale deforestation.

What change would you like to make, that would help our planet in some way, that you haven’t made already?
My greatest personal challenge is impatience, with myself, those I love and with my wish for change in the world. Impatience leads to anger and war, so this is a change I continue to work on.

Do you have any earth-friendly rituals you’d like to share with us?
I jump in the ocean as often as possible. I love lying in the sun, walking through the forest bare-foot and being in the mountains. If I am in a city for too long, just sitting under a tree can connect me to myself again.

Please tell our readers what you’re working on that’s positively impacting our planet and its people.
I am in a band called Free Like Me and we just released our new CD called Free Like Me which is available on iTunes, Amazon and CdBaby.

My husband and I write all the music and lyrics. Our songs all have a positive message about living life to the full, being free, appreciating the Earth, respecting all living things and standing up for what we believe in. It is a fusion of World-Gypsy “rootsy”, acoustic, fun conscious sounds! We want to wake people up with our music to the beauty of our planet and of being alive.

What environmental cause would you like to promote with your image?
Animal and human rights, veganism and deforestation. I would like it to be illegal to test products and drugs on animals and I would like to see battery farms closed down, freeing all the animals from slavery. I would also love to get as many people as possible together to buy as much land as possible and plant native trees, grow hemp as hemp can be used to make thousands of products, and see more permaculture farming.

What’s inspired you to do the amazing things that you do?
My mother is an amazing woman and has always inspired me to be who I am and to trust in my dreams.

Also The Earth and The Universe have inspired me to live my life to the fullest. It is such a blessing to be alive even in the dark times. I feel it is all a lesson to become the best I can be and, through good times and bad, I love all my experiences of life.

What one thing has someone said about you that has made you feel proud and accomplished?
I wrote a song and made a video called “Karen” for a friend who recently lost his wife of over 30 years to a rare lung condition and this is what he wrote to me. “Thank you so much Lucy and Daniel. You honor me, and Karen’s spirit. I will cherish this video and share it with the world, promoting long-term relationships.” Love it!

(You can watch the video HERE!)

What obstacles do you encounter and how do you break through them?
Yes the music business can be very superficial and materialistic and if you don’t want to compromise yourself it is hard to break into the mainstream. But as independent musicians we are building up our own following step by step and it is growing and growing. People appreciate our music because it is real and from the heart, perhaps something they have been missing.

Do EarthGirlz really have more fun?
Yes, of course, because we don’t need many material things to make us happy. We have fun just swimming in the sea, hanging out under the stars around a campfire playing music.

Can you share a little something more with our EarthGirlz readers?
I’m a singer songwriter from Australia and play Guitar, Drums, Ukulele and Melodica …I’m also a fire-dancer. I left home at 14 and began traveling and performing my own music. The first thing was to hitchhike around Australia, and then I just kept on traveling around the world. I journeyed around Brazil riding a horse and it was an amazing adventure in which I met people I never dreamed I would meet. For example, I rode through an Indian Reserve and they took me in like family and they will be always in my heart. I’ve been blessed with so many amazing experiences in over 40 countries and had the chance to showcase my music in all of them. I’ve met so many kind people from all around the world and these experiences have given me great faith in humanity and positive change.

You’re trapped on an island with a tree that only grows one thing. What is it?
My tree would grow wishes.

Okay, make your Earthgirlz wish?
I wish that the whole of the human race could love and respect our Mother Earth and all her creations.

Support our beautiful EarthGirl. Check out Lucy’s music and watch her videos by clicking on these links:
Website : www.freelikeme.com.au
Facebook : www.facebook.com/freelikeme1
YouTube : www.youtube.com/lucygallant
iTunes : http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/free-like-me/id507933861
CdBaby : http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/freelikeme

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