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EarthGirlz Video Project

In this video, take a stunning ride with EarthGirl Veronica as she gives us a glimpse of her life, her ideas and beliefs, and her truth. You can read EarthGirl Veronica’s feature here.
We want to thank Human Pictures for helping create our first beautiful composition for our EarthGirlz Video Project. And remember to share this video, because sharing is caring. :)

We hope you enjoyed our first EarthGirlz video, and we are so happy to share it with you. Each video aims to give our viewers a deeper feeling for the heart of each Earthgirl and her personal mission.

We are seeking your contributions as well as corporate sponsorship to cover Earthgirlz video productions, so that we can continue to present our EarthGirlz and their projects through this powerful visual medium. We strive to entertain you, and to inspire you as well.

Go ahead, share our EarthGirlz Video Project page, it helps to promote our site, our videos, and will help us with sponsorship. And feel free to contact us with any potential contacts for corporate or non-profit grant sponsorship for our future videos. Contact us to discuss sponsorship.

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