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[28 Feb 2011 | Comments Off | ]
Where Are Your EarthGirlz Now?!

Over two years ago was born. We’ve come a long way since then, baby! We’ve educated and entertained our viewers and readers, through stories of beauty, art, life, love… And we have so many heart-warming stories to come from our 2011 EarthGirlz, so stay connected!
Would you like to know what a few of our past EarthGirlz are up to?
Remember EarthGirl Ariana? She’s currently in post production, finishing up her documentary – after a very successful kickstarter campaign over the summer. Here’s a link to the trailer.
She also released a …

[24 Jan 2011 | Comments Off | ]
ZERO Footprint, Infinite Impact: EarthGirl Natasha

Natasha, what makes you an EarthGirl?
I’m a native!
When did you become aware of how magnificent our planet is, and the power of human action with Her?
My Grandfather was a biologist. We would take long walks in the forest; He would teach me the name of all the flowers, and trees in Latin… My childhood was spent with nature. It was pure poetry.
I wish my home was roofless…
What do you think is an important change that consumers and corporations should make TODAY for a better world tomorrow?
We now know …

[29 Dec 2010 | Comments Off | ]
The Wisdom of a Global Warrior: EarthGirl Roxy

Roxy, what makes you an EarthGirl?
I am an EarthGirl and I love and respect this planet we live on. I believe our world can be a paradise if we work together to rebuild and renew our ecosystem. I am an earth warrior, and I will fight forever to protect our planet from unconscious destruction and assist in shifting to new lifestyle paradigms.
When did you become aware of how magnificent our planet is, and the power of human action with Her?
I’ve always had the insight to our interconnectedness, but I …

[8 Dec 2010 | Comments Off | ]
EarthGirl Koya: A Model of Conscious Health and Fitness

Koya, what makes you an EarthGirl?
I guess you can call me a Renaissance Earthgirl. I’m an artist….I’m a scientist. I love researching the “why” about the world and doing my part to make it a better place. I truly love Mother Earth, people and living a healthy, active, and conscious lifestyle.
When did you become aware and fall in love with our planet and what did you do next?
I’ve been in love with our planet since birth. I grew up in Humboldt, TN as a “tommycat” (my name for tomboy). …

[30 Oct 2010 | Comments Off | ]
EarthGirl Nicole: The Alchemical Goddess

Nicole, what makes you an EarthGirl?
I have a tremendous amount of respect for the universe and very deep appreciation for our planet and all living things. It is one of my goals as a human being to act in accordance with that feeling. By being mindful of my actions I have developed a symbiotic relationship with my environment. In nurturing this relationship on a daily basis I am able to deepen my connection to the life force of the planet and in turn grow my inner knowledge.
When did …