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[2 Oct 2010 | Comments Off | ]
EarthGirl Kathryn: Giving Back To Paws, With Toes

EarthGirl Kathryn, what makes you an EarthGirl?
I grew up in Lawrence, Kansas spending a great deal of time outside with my imagination. I have amazing memories of climbing through my ‘forest’, having tea parties with cups made out of grass, building an army of snails and sucking on milk weed and honeysuckle. It’s almost impossible to erase that from my soul, and it’s at the heart of everything I do.
When did you fall in love with our planet, and what did you do next?
I’ve been in love since I …

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A Conscious Byte with EarthGirl Marcela

EarthGirl Marcela, what makes you an EarthGirl?
I think what makes me an EarthGirl is that I truly love and value our Planet. Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed time outdoors, connecting with nature, and not taking any of it for granted.
When did you fall in love with our planet, and what did you do next?
I have always loved our planet. I remember as a little girl being really sensitive and aware of the magic in the world…. of the different colors of the ocean depending on the …

[3 Jun 2010 | Comments Off | ]
Beautifully Uninhibited EarthGirl Sandy: Gritty Earth Educator — Eco-Sexy Soul Singer

EarthGirl Sandy, what makes you an EarthGirl?
My DNA baby!
When did you become aware and fall in love with our planet and what did you do next?
This is an excellent question. As a child you couldn’t shake me out of tree’s, stop me from trekking up a mountainside, or tear me away from the horny toads, stray dogs, or abandon baby birds I would happen upon. I was one with nature. As an adult, after my father passed away, I retreated to Costa Rica, to a safe haven called Punta …

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May is for Meiko – EarthGirl Meiko

EarthGirl Meiko’s grandfather named Meiko, which means May child. “Ko” means child in Japanese, and many, if not most, traditional Japanese girl names are named with “ko” at the end. May, in Japanese, is spelled Mei. Mei is not a Japanese word, Meiko’s grandfather took May from the English language and spelled it “Mei” to work in Japanese. Meiko is our May child, mother, and EarthGirl.

All photo’s by Albert Mizuno
EarthGirl Meiko, what makes you an EarthGirl?
I love our Planet, and nature inspires me. I do everything …

[17 Feb 2010 | Comments Off | ]
EarthGirl Daniela: Finding Peace In All Hearts

EarthGirl Daniela, tell us, what makes you an EarthGirl?
I am absolutely, madly in love with Mother Earth! The more I explore the most remote corners of the world and spend time outdoors, the more appreciation and respect I have for this amazing, diverse, and perfect place we are so lucky to call HOME. I try to always remember the impact my actions have on both the environment and on other people and beings, seeking a way to live in balance and harmony with the earth. Often, we …